PokeDex Nr: #9
PokeDex EXP: Experience Points
Legendary: No
Type: Water
Status: Aggressive
Evolutions: None
Strong against: Fire Rock Ground
Weak Against: Electric Grass
Description: The jets of water it spouts from the cannons on its shell can punch through thick steel.
Field Notes:
Location: Squirtle Island
Strategy: Attack them with grass or electric pokemon. Try stairhopping with low levels pokemons.
Loot: Water Gem, Water Pendant, Squirtle Hull, Wartortle Hull, Pot of Fresh Water, Splash Plate(Very Rare)

Move Level Cooldown Status
Headbutt 80 Active
Bubbles 80 Active
Water Gun 80 Active
Waterball 80 Active
Aqua Tail 80 Active
Bubble Blast 80 Active
Hydro Cannon 80 Active
Skull Bash 90 Active
Hydropump 90 Active
Harden 80 Active
Abilities Status
Dive Premium Account
Surf Premium Account

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