PokeDex Nr: #50
PokeDex EXP: 0 Experience Points
Legendary: No
Type: Earth
Status: Aggressive
Evolutions: Evolves to Dugtrio at Level 30
Strong against: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock
Weak Against: Water, Grass, Ice
Description: Lives about one yard underground where it feeds on plant roots. It sometimes appears above ground. The challenge with Diglett is not finding one but capturing it before it faints or runs away — so make sure to keep a lower-level Pokémon with you as you head into Diglett's Cave. Another interesting trait: Diglett don't evolve, but they do band together in groups of three.
Field Notes:
Loot: Sandbag, Small Stone, Ground Plate

Template:DiglettEXP Edit Diglett's Move's & Abilities Table.
Edit Diglett's EXP Table.

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