Name: Lightship Quest
Also known as:
Level required: ?
Premium required: No
Location: Small Village
Requirements: 30 Iman's, Rock Smash Ability.
Reward: 30 HD
Be prepared to face: Magnemite, Voltorb, Gastly and Geodude.
Legend: Magnemite are losing power and need Iman so they can help light the lighthouse


  1. Go to the Power Plant and hunt for 30 Iman's.
  2. Go to Small Village, and locate the NPC Yenni and give her the 30 Imans.

Transcript 1:
Player: Hello
Yenni: Hi, today was a good day!
Player: mission
Yenni: The Group of Magnemites that provides light to the lightship, for some mysterious reason has stopped producing electricity... So, can you bring me 30 imans.
Player: Yes
Yenni: I hope you can bring me back these items, i will give you a reward. Good luck.

Transcript 2:
Player: Hello Yenni: Hi, today was a good day!
Player: Mission
Yenni: You are back!, did you find the items?
Player: Yes
Yenni: Thanks for your help, take this as reward.

  • Player Get's The Quest Reward

Edit Lightship Quest's Spoiler.

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