NPC Juanito works at Poke Shop.

He sell:

Pokeball - 700 poke cents

Great Ball - 2 000 poke cents

Small Potion - 400 poke cents

Revive - 18 000 poke cents

Bike - 100 000 poke cents

A dialogue:

Player: hi
Juanito: Hi, Goel, All your items needs to be fulfilled, May I help you?.
Player: buy 2 small potions

Juanito: Do you want to buy 2 small potion for 800 poke cents?
Player: yes
Juanito: It was a pleasure doing business with you.

He buy:

Water gem - 90 poke cents

Water Pendant - 2 500 poke cents

Seed - 100 poke cents

Apple Biut - 1 000 poke cents

Crab Claw

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